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Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is Product News Network?
2- How is PNN different from press release news wires?
3- What does it cost?
4- How much time do I need to invest to get PNN feeding my website?
5- What are the Product News Network Editorial Criteria?
6- What format does PNN accept images and releases in?
7- How do I submit my press releases to PNN?
8- Where does PNN get its information?
9- What industrial categories does PNN cover?

What is Product News Network ?

Product News Network (PNN) is the pre-eminent supplier of news on new products in the industrial marketplace. PNN serves the new product information needs of the industrial marketplace through the websites, e-marketplaces and online publications that serve them.

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How is PNN different from press release news wires ?

PNN is a free news service for manufacturers. News wires are fee-based service providers whom companies pay to issue releases for distribution to other news outlets. Most newswire services are broad and generic; they are not industry specific. Press release services are used as marketing tools by organizations looking for self-promotion. These wire services accept all releases as long as the organization is willing to pay the fees associated with distribution services.

Product News Network is a true new product news service. PNN is also the only new product news service that is targeted for the industrial marketplace. PNN only publishes news stories on products that are truly new to industry. PNN editors eliminate press releases that attempt to promote old and existing products. They can do this because PNN does not charge manufacturers for reviewing and syndicating their information. PNN editors write news stories only on those news items that meet the PNN editorial standards.

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What does it cost?

We have a variety of packages to meet the specific needs your organization. Contact us. We will evaluate your needs and recommend the most suitable package.

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How much time do I need to invest to get PNN feeding my website?

Very little time is required. We have invested a great deal of time to make the process quick and easy for you. With Standard service, you can use our XML tools to pull the news from PNN to a desired place on your site. With the Private Label service, our Administration tools allow you to easily customize the look and feel of Private Label pages. Then point your site to the private labeled pages.

If you experience difficulties, you can contact us at customerservice@productnews.com.

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What are the Product News Network Editorial Criteria?

Products described in submitted releases must be new to industry. Additionally, submissions can only describe products new to Product News Network. Products run previously on the distribution through PNN will be excluded.

Product News Network reserves the right to exclude any press releases that do not comply with editorial criteria.

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In what format should I send my images and releases to PNN?

Images and releases will be accepted in all formats. High resolution digital files preferred for higher image quality.

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How do I submit my press releases to PNN?

E-mail your press release to pressreleases@productnews.com.
      Fax your press release to 212.613.3499
      Or send to:
            Product News Network
            5 Penn Plaza, 14th Floor
            New York, NY 10001

We will review your press release for suitability. If it meets our criteria, we will index it and post it live to our database. All within 24 to 48 hours.

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Where does PNN get its information?

Direct from manufacturers who produce new products. We receive the new product information from the manufacturer, verify its currency and suitability, index it, and upload within 24 to 48 hours to the database.

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What industrial categories does PNN cover?

Product News Network covers over 40 major industrial categories. Building on our experience serving the manufacturing and buying communities, PNN provides news on new products across several industrial categories that include:

Adhesives & Sealants Mechanical Components and Assemblies
Agricultural and Farming Products Mechanical Power Transmission
Architectural and Civil Engineering Products Medical / Dental Supplies and Equipment
Automatic ID Mounting & Attaching Products
Chemical Processing & Waste Mgmt Optics & Photonics
Cleaning Products & Equipment Packaging Equipment
Communication Systems & Equipment Paints & Coatings
Computer Hardware & Peripherals Plant Furnishings & Accessories
Construction Equipment and Supplies Portable Tools
Controls & Controllers Printing & Duplicating Equipment
Display & Presentation Equipment Robotics
Electrical Equipment & Systems Safety & Security Equipment
Electronic Components & Devices Sensors Monitors & Transducers
Explosives, Armaments, and Weaponry Services
Fasteners & Hardware Software
Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment Test & Measuring Instruments
HVAC Thermal & Heating Equipment
Labels Tags Signage & Equipment Timers & Clocks
Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment Transportation Industry Products
Lubricants Vision Systems
Machinery & Machining Tools Waste Handling Equipment
Material Handling & Storage Welding Equipment & Supplies
Materials & Material Processing  

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