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Private Label Service

The Private Label service provides you with a simple and easy turn-key solution to adding important content to your site, while allowing your users control over the news they receive.

With the Private Label service, you can receive the full feed of new product information or restrict the feed to include only the industrial categories that are important to your users. In addition, you can customize the pages for seamless integration with your corporate branding and color scheme.

We have developed Administrator Tools that are easy to use and our professional support staff will guide you through any difficulties you may experience making the PNN Private Label Service a cost effective choice for providing rich, dynamic content to your users without the hassle and expense of complicated programming and editing on your part.

With this service, you will provide your users the option to receive the full feed of new product information or to restrict the feed to include only the industrial categories that are important to them. You will also provide several features which your users can customize to fit their own business needs and interests:

Personalized News Page As a value-added service to your website, users can create their own news page. With a personalized news page, users will immediately access the most important information to assist them with their business decisions making your site an important daily destination.

Personalized Newsletters and Alerts Customized with your branding, users can select the types of news that they want to receive. They can opt to receive newsletters on a daily or weekly basis. With the product alert feature, users can identify specific companies or products and our system will send them an alert as soon as a new product item is published. This will help drive targeted traffic to your site.

About PNN News Content 
Manufacturers generate new product news releases and send them to Product News Network®. PNN® editors review all releases to ensure the information is new to the industrial marketplace. Our experienced engineering editors then write a brief summary of the product specifications and the releases are distributed in a user-friendly format within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of the release.

Users can search the PNN feed by product keyword or company name. Results are listed with company name, product type and release date. New product information is presented in a concise and easily digestible format. Each release receives a headline and a brief summary. Interested users can view the release in its entirety as well as other information that may accompany the release.

In addition, PNN maintains an archive of all distributed releases. We understand that there are times when users may need to access historical information regarding a specific company or product.

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