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ThomasNet Incorporated Introduces Syndicated Advanced Search and News Resources For Industrial Product Information.

NEW YORK, NY, March 18, 2002 - ThomasNet Incorporated announced today its advanced search and news resources available through syndication, represented by SoluSource® and Product News Network®(PNN). SoluSource is the ultimate internet-accessible product information resource designed to facilitate product discovery in manufacturing environments. PNN is the most comprehensive source of timely new product news in the industrial marketplace. ThomasNet Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Publishing Company.

"Product and supplier discovery play a vital ongoing role in 'best practice' manufacturing organizations," says Scott Emerich, General Manager of ThomasNet. "SoluSource and PNN encompass both ends of the product information spectrum-- providing event driven as well as proactive search resources. These resources are designed to enlighten and inform the professional focused on sourcing and procurement, new product development, and product life cycle management."

SoluSource represents ThomasNet's "pull" resource, enabling users to identify products and suppliers within SoluSource's database of industrial product information, using a patent pending parametric search index. SoluSource aggregates content from North American manufacturers' product catalogs in the industrial categories of electro-mechanical and mechanical devices-- the components most often sourced during the design of new products and the procurement of direct materials. The database includes over 23,000 catalogs from over 10,000 manufacturers. SoluSource is searchable by keyword, numerical attributes and company name.

PNN represents ThomasNet's "push" resource, providing industrial buyers, designers and specifiers with access to a complete feed of new product news stories focused exclusively on industrial products. PNN reports more than 1,000 new product news items from North American manufacturers each month in 46 commodity categories. The PNN archive contains more than 200,000 product news items, searchable by keyword and company name. PNN content is distributed within 24 to 48 hours of receipt and is customizable to user delivery requirements, available as e-mail alerts and personalized newsletters.

SoluSource and PNN provide syndication partners with flexible publishing platforms. Both are XML enabled and provide partners with the ability to private label their content and integrate content into their applications and platforms.

About ThomasNet:
Founded in 1995, ThomasNet Incorporated represents Thomas Publishing's continuing commitment to serve industry's need for up-to-date product information, through innovation. Thomas Publishing Company, established more than 100 years ago, is the acknowledged leader in providing industry with the product information it needs in whichever environment and medium it requires including books, magazines, Internet, CD-ROMs, newsletters, e-business and virtual back office systems.

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Product News Network Press Release, March 18, 2002
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