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Why Product News Network PNN provides full industrial news coverage.

Product News Network® is a service of Thomas Publishing Company, a trusted source for industry information for over 100 years. Among dozens of news feed organizations, PNN® is the only provider of new product information for the industrial market.

New product news stories have always been essential to the success of any industry publication. Whether consumer or business-to-business, these stories dominate the editorial content because that is what readers want to read.


The Internet has become a major source of new product information for most decision makers. Your aim is to bring this important information to your user's desktop without bogging them down with lengthy searching or browsing numerous internet sources. PNN offers the ability to provide this information with the confidence that it comes from a trusted source.

If you run an industrial e-marketplace, you need to ensure that visitors become users, and that current users increase their usage. You will improve the stickiness of your website by offering your users relevant, reliable new product news. Product News can provide you with this important content in a way that won't break the bank.