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Product News Network How to Write a Press Release

Why write a press release?

Press releases are an important part of the marketing/communications effort. They communicate the latest news about your company and its products to the media. Journalists rely on well-written press releases for story ideas and information.

Press releases on new product developments are important to journalists for a variety of reasons, the major one being that their readers are interested in the latest product developments in their industry. If you have a new product you need to write a release. Press releases compliment any advertising campaign by keeping your name in front of your market every time you launch a new product.

Another name for a press release is a news release meaning that it is new news. Journalists are keenly aware of press releases on a product that has been around awhile without substantial change. You run the risk of angering journalists and having any future release seen as suspect. If you have a product that has been around but has a significant new feature, that is news and the journalists will welcome this information.

What are the key Steps to writing a successful press release?

The important key to writing a press release is keeping it concise and to the point. Editors receive hundreds of releases every week. A tight, well- written release will help an editor understand quickly why your news is important to their readers.

The links below provide information on the steps you need to take to write a successful release. Download these documents compliments of Product News Network.

How to Write a Press Release - PDF

Press Release Template - PDF